Steven McCallum





Critical Reviews

Steven McCallum’s paintings represent for me American contemporary painting at its very best. They challenge us both conceptually and perceptually. The work redefines formal and technical excellence while presenting a complex visual world – narrative possibilities which hold and enthrall the viewer. What more can we ask from a work of art?

Louis A. Zona

Director, The Butler Institute of American Art

McCallum makes what are perhaps the fullest abstract paintings I’ve ever seen. He obsessively overworks the tape-and-peel- process of hard-edge painting … so that the canvas is covered with layers of geometrically crisp bands of color arranged in fans, grids and clusters of different widths and hues …

Stephen Westfall

Art in America

To look at painting for the sheer joy of color and shape and space – over and over because it is rich and complex and gives up its secrets slowly – is an experience of painting that has returned in the current work of Steven McCallum. McCallum rewards us for looking, for investing our attention and time, with objects of complexity and richness rendered with attention to craft.

Mary Agnes Beach

Curator, Polk Museum of Art - Lakeland, Florida